If you are having some problems finding dates, there are plenty of other suppliers of this tasty fruit that you should be able to turn to. Malaysia is one of the best suppliers of dates because they are able to get their hands on it anytime of the year and also in various shapes, sizes and forms. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety that suppliers have for you to choose from. You will most likely be looking for a specific type or a mixture of both when choosing from the varieties that are available to you. The following is a brief description of all the different types of dates available from Malaysia:

Raw or Fresh. Dried fruits are the best if you want a completely natural flavor in your desserts and drinks. When dates are freshly picked, they retain more of their natural flavor than others that are normally dried out. This is one reason why many people prefer them to be fresh and in their natural state rather than drying out. There are plenty of local Malaysia fruit suppliers who sell raw ones at competitive prices.

Cut or Whole. Dried fruits are mainly separated into two categories: those that are cut and those that are whole. When it comes to dates, the majority are cut. These can then be used in a variety of different recipes, from sweets and ice creams to juices and smoothies. Whole fruits are also great as a main ingredient in meals.

Blended. When it comes to blended dates, you really need to experiment to find the best one. You can add just a little bit of sweetness to your desserts or drinks to make them more delicious. Try adding dates to your cup of tea to bring out the flavors in your coffee or tea without adding extra sugar or extra milk.

Preserved. Many suppliers to store their products in airtight containers, usually plastic, which helps extend the shelf life of the product. This is important if you’re buying dates as gifts because they will spoil more quickly in regular air. Plastic bags are the best choice for dates, although there are some suppliers who preserve their dates by adding them to other food items.

Dried. If you want to get your hands on those hard-to-buy-for fruits like apricots, peaches, prunes and other varieties, dried fruits are the best option. They will keep for a few weeks and they don’t spoil as quickly as fresh fruits do. This is especially convenient if you want to use the fruits at home instead of purchasing them at a grocery store.

Fruits with different varieties. Malaysia is home to many different types of dates, some of which are hard and some of which are soft. If you have a sweet tooth, you can try out the softer dates, such as durian or male. If you’re a fan of robust flavored foods, you may also want to try out the popular black dates. These dates have a very distinct nutty flavor and they are slightly thicker than most other dates.

How it’s prepared. When it comes to preparing the fruits that you buy as gifts, it all boils down to personal preferences. Some people like to eat the whole thing raw while others like to cook them a bit first before eating. You can also take a date and cut it into different pieces or mince it. It all just depends on what you like!

What kind of container. There are lots of different types of containers used for cooking and storage of dates. You can go with a glass bottle that will keep your gift fresh for a while or even keep them in Tupperware containers for easy access and portability. Some suppliers may even provide a convenient bamboo basket, so you can easily pick your favorite fruits and dates out of the basket without peeking into the box.

How it’s packaged. It helps a lot if you choose a date that has a natural color or one that doesn’t look like it’s been sprayed with any sort of preservative. Bamboo dates are one of those types of dates that don’t look like they’ve been sprayed with anything and they’re still as fresh as can be. Make sure the date you choose has a waxed coating on it to help preserve its freshness. Most suppliers will be able to tell you how long a particular date should be stored for in the refrigerator so you know how long you should store them before you choose to eat them.

How to enjoy them. Eating dates isn’t something you have to do on a whim. You can get ones that taste great and are good for you too. Explore all of the options you have so you can choose the best one for your special someone.

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