When anyone wants to invest in a range of Foreign Exchange products, the first step is to choose a good supplier who can deliver to our country’s doorstep. If any country wants to trade Dates Fruit internationally, they search a market to locate a competitive and cost effectively priced supplier of Dates Fruit for a successful trade. However it involves much more than merely glancing at a list of price lists. The choice of Indian supplier for dates fruit is based on a huge spectrum of considerations including:

The amount of experience that the business has in the area. If a company has only been trading in one particular country for a number of years then it would be risky to place a large bet with them as they may not have the resources to maintain a strong and flourishing business elsewhere. It would be safer to stick with established firms with proven track records, which would guarantee a consistent supply of dates to the various markets across the country.

The range of services they offer. Any good marketer will be able to identify the best dates from any given country’s range of crops. Some countries may be better known for their fruitfulness than others. For example, there are more coconuts than bananas in Brazil and the latter’s export market is limited to a few products. It would be unwise to invest in a company that specializes in a single country’s produce if their global market share is slim.


The quality of their product. The quality of the end product is of paramount importance. A company that has been supplying clients in one country for years may lack the expertise or the commitment to improve their clientele’s products. Alternatively, a small-scale producer located in a developing country may not be able to afford the range of high-tech machinery needed to process the fruits’ high levels of demand. If you want an effective deal, it would be prudent to settle for a provider who is able to deliver on time.

The variety of dates they have to offer. Not all suppliers sell only dried fruits; some may also provide you with fresh dates such as those used in preparing Nureka cashews and coconut oil. This is particularly useful when sourcing for exotic dates such as those used in Hawaii.

The supplier’s pricing. Pricing could be one of the most crucial factors that would influence your decision. For example, dried coconut oil could command a higher price than other varieties, which makes it a better choice for bulk commodity purchases. The same can be said for Nureka cashews, whose price could be even cheaper than dates due to their universal appeal.

Their environmental footprint. Do they take the issue of going green seriously? What about their operations and facilities? Would it be easy for you to reach them via phone or email anytime in the country? They should also have easy-to-navigate websites that are clear and concise.

It would also be helpful if they can provide you with a free delivery service. Free deliveries will allow you to save money as you won’t need to pay for expensive gas expenses for delivery. In addition, you may also opt for package deals that include dates, since this would reduce your expenses and give you more for your money.

The variety they offer. This is a pretty important factor that could determine whether you would like to work with them or not. For instance, there are many suppliers who only sell dates at farmers’ markets, which makes it hard for people who love eating exotic fruits. You should also ensure that they have an extensive range of fruit like watermelon, kiwi, oranges, pineapple and lemons.

Their quality. Is the quality of their products comparable to others in the market? You should also check whether their packaging is in good condition. You should also ask if they would be willing to provide you with customer service and if they can also provide you with bulk pricing discounts.

Lastly, check how the dates are packaged. You should only deal with suppliers who package the dates in an appropriate manner to ensure freshness. They should also label the date with the type of fruit in it so you can identify what you’re buying. You should also consider sending your dates by UPS or FedEx as delivery services are usually very reliable.

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