There are many different kinds of food suppliers, however their main function is to sell food to restaurants in bulk quantities for much lower prices than you’d find in the average grocery store. Because of these lower prices, restaurants are able to increase their profit margins because of the higher demand. Not only does this allow them to serve more customers, it also allows them to buy products in bulk and sell them individually for a higher price. Of course there are many different kinds of food suppliers, some of which are much more reliable and some which are more expensive. It’s always best to do your research before committing to one food supplier.

One of the most popular food suppliers are those who provide both fresh ingredients and storage space for those ingredients at a reasonable price. For instance, if you’re a pizza shop and you need lots of ingredients shipped to you to make certain that your pizza is perfect, then you can get bulk ingredients from a wholesaler and have them drop the packages off to you. This way, you don’t have to keep checking and storing different bags of ingredients, waiting on them to be shipped to you. Many of these companies will ship directly to your home so that you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees for storage space or shipping costs.

Other popular food suppliers are full-line suppliers who sell to small restaurants, caterers and even individual families. These companies have bulk amounts of products like flour, sugar, salt, sugar, rice and pasta and often times have even more varieties than companies like Costco or Sams Club. With a full-line supplier, you have the convenience of buying large quantities of items in bulk at one time. You can buy in large quantities, choose your varieties and have them shipped directly to you with minimum fuss. Some full-line suppliers even specialize in certain types of foods, like seafood, poultry and other specialty items. Whatever you want to buy, you can probably find it on a reputable wholesaler’s shelves.

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